Terms of sales

Any order that remains undisputed within 15 calendar days of the order being sent by Claire Michelon Traductions shall be deemed accepted.

A detailed account of the grounds for such a dispute or complaint must be provided. Disputes or claims regarding modifications in the style of a text, personalisations or substitutions with synonyms without the client having provided a glossary in advance, shall not be considered.

In any event, the responsibility of Claire Michelon Traductions shall be limited to the order amount.

The lead-time indicated in the quote shall be in working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. The lead-time shall run from the moment Claire Michelon Traductions receives the order approval reply by email.

The cancellation of a previously approved quote will incur a compensation payment that is proportional to the time already spent by Claire Michelon Traductions on the order and that is no less than 25% of the order amount.

Claire Michelon Traductions agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the non-public information to which it is exposed in fulfilling the order.

Pursuant to the French law of 1 January 2009, after a period of 45 days end of month or 60 days net from the date of issue of the invoices, interest on arrears of 20% and a penalty for collection charges of €40 will be applied. The texts shall remain the intellectual property of Claire Michelon Traductions until payment of the invoice.


Statement on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As part of the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, I would like to inform you of how your data will be processed by Claire Michelon Traductions.

As provided for in the Regulation, thank you kindly to explicitly consent to these treatment modalities or to inform me of your remarks and instructions so that I can take the necessary measures.

Processing of personal data :

1. Coordinates

Working mainly for companies, I do not deal with personal data of individuals, so the data I process is mainly business data: mailing address and email, phone number, VAT number, SIRET, etc.

I use them only to ensure the smooth running of the translation contracts you entrust to me: exchanges during the ordering, invoicing, accounting, etc.

They are not transmitted to third parties For any request for consultation or deletion of personal data, if necessary, send the request by e-mail to the address claire@c-m-traductions.com.

2. Texts

Some texts may contain personal data, I use all source texts and translations in the first place to carry out the translation contracts that you entrust to me, and then they are kept for one year. on the hard disk of my workstation, then archived on an external hard drive not connected to Internet and thus protected against the risks of piracy, this for reference purposes and to ensure the harmonization of the translations of an order to the The same goes for emails.

Neither the name of the clients nor the contents of the texts are transmitted to third parties.For any request for consultation or deletion of personal data in texts, if appropriate, send the request by e-mail at the address claire@c-m-traductions.com.

3. Subcontracting

Claire Michelon Traductions acts as a subcontractor on behalf of the agencies entrusted with its orders, and in this respect I apply the instructions received from the various agencies regarding data protection.